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Multiple Skill Groups, to match players for optimum development

Future Stars 8&U

Fun, Educational, Safe, Friendly

  • Kid friendly court size.

  • High level learning in a playful setting.

  • "Learn to PLAY tennis quickly"

"Tennis is most fun with friends"

Ultimate Players  8-16

Engaging and personal while challenging

  • Learn to compete in  the sport for a lifetime

  • Instruction is key with game based learning

  • Learn in the AM, instructional match play PM

  • Meet other like minded players

"Find the next level in an inspiring non overwhelming environment" 


Competitive Performers 12-16  Kevin Durant -      Hard work beats talent

when talent doesn't work hard

  • Work hard work smart

  • All in a days work MENTAL, PHYSICAL, TACTICAL

  • Match play Feedback and Analysis

  • 1% Inspiration/ 99% perspiration

"Respect everyone, Fear No one" 


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