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Multiple Skill Groups, to match players for optimum development

Future Stars 8&U

Fun, Educational, Safe, Friendly

  • Kid friendly court size.

  • High level learning in a playful setting.

  • "Learn to PLAY tennis quickly"

"Tennis is most fun with friends"

Ultimate Players  8-16

Engaging and personal while challenging

  • Learn to compete in  the sport for a lifetime

  • Instruction is key with game based learning

  • Learn in the AM, instructional match play PM

  • Meet other like minded players

"Find the next level in an inspiring non overwhelming environment" 


Competitive Performers 12-16  Kevin Durant -      Hard work beats talent

when talent doesn't work hard

  • Work hard work smart

  • All in a days work MENTAL, PHYSICAL, TACTICAL

  • Match play Feedback and Analysis

  • 1% Inspiration/ 99% perspiration

"Respect everyone, Fear No one" 


  • Is your camp run by professionals?
    You will get an experience run by full time, year-long professional coaches committed to inspiring and educating young kids. We were even awarded the best in Philly Camp. Our camp is run by Mark Spann who has had over 30 years of tennis camp experience. Given the diverse and well trained staff, we are able to best accommodate to all levels and ages of the campers.
  • How do I know my child will be challenged at your camp?
    We are intentional about how we group campers, so that they are not only with similarly-aged peers, they are also with peers who are at a similar tennis skill level. We are also attuned to each camper’s individual needs and discuss their experience at camp often, so we are flexible and adjust accordingly. Please feel free to talk to us so that we can meet and exceed your expectations and needs.
  • What does a day at camp look like?
  • What happens when it rains or gets really hot?
    We thankfully have the luxury of being both an indoor and outdoor tennis facility. Therefore, if it rains or is too hot, we move inside. Typically we utilize both indoor and outdoor courts during the course of the day or week, weather permitting.
  • How do I register my kid for camp?
    For your convenience you can sign up online at We offer various scheduling options to fit your needs. Sign up for weekly, daily or take advantage of our 15 day pass packages.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We always like to reward great customers! Specifically we offer discounts for signing up early and commitment. Also take advanatage of our weekly pro-rated rate and our day pass packages.
  • Does my child need to bring his/her own racquet?
    Typically, campers do bring their own racquets; however, we have plenty of racquets for participants to demo or try.
  • My child has never played before, would he/she fit in?"
    Absolutely! Camp is a great place to start playing the sport, because they will be surrounded by other peers who are just starting tennis as well. It is a fun, low-pressure environment to get any child started.
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