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Benjamin Hinkley



Originally from:


PTR Level II Certified . PPR Pickleball Certified


Coach at the USTA National Tennis Campus. With a strong background in coaching and player development, his teaching journey has taken him to the prestigious USTA National Campus in Orlando, where he worked with players of all levels of the game.

Collegiate Tennis Star: Benjamin's journey in tennis began as a college player at LVC, where he achieved a remarkable 2-year conference winning streak and culminated his career as the #1 singles player in his senior year. His story is proof that determination and tenacity can outshine natural talent on any court.


A Passion for Learning and Teaching: Benjamin's coaching philosophy revolves around the joy of making a positive impact on others. As an aggressive learner himself, he strives to ignite the same curiosity and passion for improvement in his students. He believes that the best teachers are also the best listeners, ensuring a personalized and effective coaching experience for each individual.

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