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Flexible Options for Every Player
Join us for a morning, afternoon, day, week, or all summer long

Ages 6 & Up, all levels welcome.

We will place your child on the first day!

"I just want to say thank you for the way you are running camp. Each of my kids are having a really great time at camp. Your flexibility with the days and times work wonderfully for my family. The kids are getting good tennis, having fun and learning lessons(effort, hard work and sportsmanship) at the same time. You are making lemonade out of the lemons that the pandemic gave you. You picked a great team of people."   Liz S, Parent of 4 campers



registration options

To Register 

Call/stop by front desk

215-643-7377 ext 0 





  • Registration is complete when you are redirected to a new page with a message "We have received your registration". You also will receive an email copy of completed form.

  • An information packet including health forms to be completed prior to the start of your child's camp, will be emailed to you once registration form received and payments processed. 

NEW TO US? or for further assistance

Please contact our TMA Coordinator


Weekly Options

Full week (M-F) of 

Mornings  (9 - 12)

Afternoons (1 - 4)

OR FULL week (9-4)

*Up to $180 weekly savings over daily DROP in rate

Individual day Passes
15 pack discounted
Available all summer

Individual Day pass options:

- Full Day Passes 

- Half Day Passes 


Make your own schedule 
Know what you want, but can only do certain days. 


Pre pay 15 visits and SAVE up to $150 off . 

Passes can be used during the camp season, June 14th - Sept 3rd

Daily Options

Test the waters!

Not sure exactly what fits your young player yet?


Try one of our flexible options.


Sign up for a SINGULAR  full day, morning or afternoon. 

"Most Flexible"


Camp Weeks

Week 1: 6/14 - 18

Week 2: 6/21 - 25

Week 3: 6/28 - 7/2

Week 4: 7/5 - 9

Week 5: 7/12 - 16

Week 6: 7/19 - 23

Week 7: 7/26 - 30

Week 8: 8/2 - 6

Week 9: 8/9 - 13

Week 10: 8/16 - 20

Week 11: 8/23 - 27

Week 12: 8/30 - 9/3

Weekly Rate

Daily Rate

*Full Week: $549/week

*AM Week: $399/week

*PM Week: $375/week
*Pro-rated and  discounted 

Full day(9am - 4pm)  $159

Morning(9am - 12noon)  $99

Afternoon(1 - 4pm)  $82

Multiple Skill Groups, to match players for optimum development


Future Stars 8&U

Fun, Educational, Safe, Friendly

  • Kid friendly court size.

  • High level learning in a playful setting.

  • "Learn to PLAY tennis quickly"

"Tennis is most fun with friends"

Ultimate Players  8-16

Engaging and personal while challenging

  • Learn to compete in  the sport for a lifetime

  • Instruction is key with game based learning

  • Learn in the AM, instructional match play PM

  • Meet other like minded players

"Find the next level in an inspiring non overwhelming environment" 


Competitive Performers 12-16  Kevin Durant -      Hard work beats talent

when talent doesn't work hard

  • Work hard work smart

  • All in a days work MENTAL, PHYSICAL, TACTICAL

  • Match play Feedback and Analysis

  • 1% Inspiration/ 99% perspiration

"Respect everyone, Fear No one" 



From a Division I College player to a tiny future star picking up the racket for the first time, everyone has a place at Tennis Match Academy. Learn, practice, and compete under one roof with a variety of drills, match play, and events to help ignite everyone's player potential. 


“A world class tennis experience in your back yard”

Since 2009 our Summer Tennis Camp has inspired and educated players from near and far. We are a year round Academy with all efforts overseen by our full-time dedicated staff. 


“A camp without strangers”

Molly (9) and Jimia (10) have come to our tennis camp since 2016. They represent a part of our growing tennis culture that connects those that are new to the game to the highly competitive players that are also training with us. This will be a summer to remember!

mark spann mugshot Sep 2020.jpg

Mark Spann

TMA Tennis Camp Director

TMA Junior Program Director

Upper Dublin Sports Center



Is your camp run by professionals?

You will get an experience run by full time, year-long professional coaches committed to inspiring and educating young kids. We were even awarded the best in Philly Camp. Our camp is run by Mark Spann who has had over 30 years of tennis camp experience. Given the diverse and well trained staff, we are able to best accommodate to all levels and ages of the campers.

How many hours of tennis will my child play per day?

Depending on the camp option you choose (full day, morning, afternoon), the hours varies. In general, the mornings (9:00am-12:00pm) consist of exercises, games, and drills. There is a short break at 10:30am for the Ultimate and Future Stars players. Morning Session ends at 12noon. The afternoon runs from 1 to 4 pm and with a focus on instructional matchplay, where each participant is paired with another (of similar age and/or level) to play competitive matches. For those who may be new to tennis, this is a great opportunity for participants to learn how to play and compete in matches. Coaches continue providing feedback, instruction and advice during the match to improve the campers’ game. We run mini tournaments, play team tennis, round robins, ladder matches and a multitude of other tennis formats.

Does morning, afternoon, or day camp fit my child?

We welcome campers of all ages at our camp. Once they arrive, we split them up into groups of similar age and level. Generally, for children under 8, we recommend that they start with mornings, as the instructional matchplay in the afternoon is often more competitive and requires that campers know how to serve, rally, and score. This is often difficult for young campers after a long morning. However, we welcome any young camper who is interested in matchplay and improving their tennis game. The morning and afternoon are not better or worse; they are simply different, as they focus on different activities. The morning involves more coach instruction, as they are running drills and exercises with the group. This is often ideal for participants who are looking to improve their tennis skills in a group setting. The afternoon consists of matchplay, which helps participants engage in friendly competition while still getting coached. Therefore, we often recommend both the morning and afternoon, as the afternoon match allows for participants to apply what they’ve learned in the morning drills. With that said, participants are free to choose which (AM or PM) better suits their current needs and interests.

How do I know my child will be challenged at your camp?

We are intentional about how we group campers, so that they are not only with similarly-aged peers, they are also with peers who are at a similar tennis skill level. We are also attuned to each camper’s individual needs and discuss their experience at camp often, so we are flexible and adjust accordingly. Please feel free to talk to us so that we can meet and exceed your expectations and needs.

What happens when it rains or gets really hot?

We thankfully have the luxury of being both an indoor and outdoor tennis facility. Therefore, if it rains or is too hot, we move inside. Typically we utilize both indoor and outdoor courts during the course of the day or week, weather permitting.

How do I register my kid for camp?

For EXISITING PLAYERS, (Already in our database), you can sign up on our UDSC App (our preferred payment method) OR by calling the main front desk, 215-643-7377 ext 0 to register our child. NEW TO US? Please contact TMA Coordinator, 215-696-3906 or to help get you set up in our database and get your child registered. Take a look at all of our many flexible options to help make your summer scheduling easy and convenient. - Weekly options - Individual Day Passes (15 pack) - Daily Options Registration is complete when payemnt is received AND you ahve completed our Health form prior to the start date of you child's first day of camp.

Do you offer any Specials

We always like to reward great customers! Specifically we offer discounts for signing up early and commitment. - Multi Week Discount for early camp commitment Buy 4 weeks or more and Save UP to $200 off before April 1st! You can choose morning, afternoon or full day weeks. Must be complete weeks and cant break up the weeks into individual days. - Individual day passes(pre-pay for 15 visits at a discounted rate) You get to make your schedule. half day, full day and afternoon packs available. Valid until Sept 3 - 5% Sibling Discount available. Must buy at one time and attend the same week, to receive sibling discount. These Special offerings can't be combined with any other discounts and have to be used in the alloted time frame. All sales are final and there are no refunds allowed.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

- Waterbottle with child's name - Tennis Racquet (we also have demo racquets that can be borrowed if needed) - Tennis Sneakers and comfortable athletic clothing - Healthy snack - Sunscreen - Towel - Hat or sunglasses - Packed unrefrigerated lunch (full day campers only)

My child has never played before, would he/she fit in?

Absolutely! Camp is a great place to start playing the sport, because they will be surrounded by other peers who are just starting tennis as well. It is a fun, low-pressure environment to get any child started.

How does Lunch time work?

Full Day campers should pack their own lunches and refreshments. We encourage campers to have their own cooler to store drinks and snacks to be able to access during the days activities as well as their lunch. On arrival campers are directed to a spot that they use as their “home base” for the day. Campers are encouraged to bring their own large beach towel which they can use to sit down on. LUNCH TIME In June 2020 we constructed very large outdoor area under shade for the campers to adequately socially distance themselves while eating lunch.