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Program Directors

Victor Urzua cropped.jpg
Victor Urzua

Toronto, Canada

Victor's ability to develop players in all aspects of tennis is extremely impressive. Numerous teams and players benefit from his daily insights into reading opponents and using court craft to win matches.

Mark Spann yes.jpg
Mark Spann

Gauteng, South Africa

"I first took lessons with Mark when I was 7 years old. 20 years later “still as my coach”, we were on the courts of Wimbledon and the US Open together."

- Jason Weir Smith (Former ATP professional)

Seoul, South Korea

Jae Lee cropped.jpg
Jae Lee

Jae is an extremely caring, conscientious and inspiring tennis coach. His energy and enthusiasm on and off the court is exemplary...

Jason Marler

Enid, Oklahoma

Jason combines a great many years of knowledge together with an uncanny ability to meet players where they are at in their tennis journey and helps move them forward.

Mo Matar cropped.jpg
Mo Matar

Giza, Egypt

Mo is “always” teaching. He has a huge desire for his students to improve and his intensity is only matched by his great sense of humor.

Lowell Rich

Philadelphia, PA

Lowell was recently awarded the USTA Middle States - Philadelphia Coach of the Year award for his extensive instructional merits on the court. 

Paul Laurie

Syracuse, NY

As a double professional in both Pickleball and Tennis Paul brings valuable skills to UDSC and TMA. He understands people and how they think, and is the master of teaching skills for a lifetime of success and enjoyment in both sports

Huibri Botha yes.JPG
Huibri Botha

Cape Town, South Africa

Huibri is the coordinator as well as a senior coach at Tennis Match Academy. When you meet Huibri (pronounced HAY-bree), you’ll feel her kindness and true interest in you. 

Mitch Abramo yes (1) (1).JPG
Mitch Abramo

Ambler, PA

Mitch brings incredible experience and expertise to the players at our Academy. His knowledge of developing players at all levels is an incredible asset. 

Jonothan White yes.JPG
Jonathan White

Brodheadsville, PA

Jonathan brings incredible experience and expertise to the players at our Academy. His knowledge of developing players and experience as a competitor at the college level is an incredible asset. 

Tarik Dashields

Philadelphia, PA

Tarik has Competed on the team for Penn State Abington University. He has mentored youths and adults and has coached youth teams and several after school and summer programs.

jason w.jpg
Jason Woolaver

United States

Jason calls it like it is. Players appreciate his candid direct approach to moving their games forward.

unnamed (1).png

Boston, MA

He hails from Boston and in his spare time is an EMT. His passion for coaching and playing tennis has lead him to Tennis Match Academy.

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Our Misson

With coaches from many nations, Tennis Match Academy (TMA) is like no other place. Whether it is a lesson, a clinic, camp, or matchplay, TMA  staff are committed to building the skills and attitudes for the game that will last a lifetime.

Our programs are run by year-long professional coaches committed to inspiring and educating players at every age and level. Given the diverse and well trained staff, we are best able to match each and every player to a development track that will ignite their player potential.