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Revised 3/13/2022

Jr Tennis Camp Policies and Protocols

All sales are final and there are no refunds.

Discounts: It is understood that any discounts received are for commitment to attending the actual days and times purchased. 


Prepaid full weeks: cannot be broken up into individual days and must be used during the actual weeks registered and paid for. No scheduling changes allowed after June 13th. There will be a $25 administrative fee for any scheduling changes. 


Individual Day Passes: must be used during the camp season, June 13 - Aug 31. There are no refunds or credits for unused passes. Must notify us the Thursday prior to the camp week, players plan to attend camp, via email


Daily Options/Singular days: Must notify us via email or phone, 24 hours in advance if planning to attend. NO DROP INS ALLOWED! 


To complete registration, payment must be received in advance prior to your child attending camp.


Both indoor and outdoor courts will be used, rain or shine.


Standards of Conduct: We expect coaches, players and parents of players to be considerate of others, display courteous behavior on and off the court. Participants recognize the importance of following coaches instructions regarding safety, training, and COVID protocol.


Collecting updated information/communications: We require your updated information/emergency contact information. Your child’s safety and giving them the best quality experience they deserve. With your updated information we can communicate to you in case of an emergency, keep you informed about upcoming specials, and let you know your child’s progression.

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