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Junior Program Policies 

  •  All sales are final. There will be no refunds.  

  • We require your updated information/emergency contact information. Your child’s safety and giving them the best quality experience they deserve. With your updated information we can communicate to you in case of an emergency, keep you informed about upcoming specials, and letting you know your child’s progression.

  • Periodically, we will offer specials for early sign ups or commitment to multiple sessions. Special offerings are non-transferable, cannot be combined with other offers and only applied to the session paid for. 

  • Please notify us 24 hours in advance before missed class by emailing, so we can schedule a make up class for your child. You are allowed one make up during the session, that can be used only during the last week of that particular session.

  • There are no switching of sessions allowed after registration

  • Clinic changes/sign-ups: If fewer than 2 players participate in a clinic, the club has the right to offer you alternative days/times. We may offer half an hour with a pro if three in clinic and two players do not show. If your child gets moved to a clinic with longer duration, with your permission, you will agree to pay additional rate.

  • We expect coaches, players and parents of players to be considerate of others, display courteous behavior on and off the court. Participants recognize the importance of following coaches instructions regarding safety and training. Management reserves the right to remove a player from a clinic to find alternative options  for the player, or refuse admission in the event of disruption of class, misbehavior or refusal to comply with the rules, terms and conditions outlined in this paragraph.

Revised 7/20/21

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